OpenIGC Bundle Accelerator: Build your "Publish" XML (version 0.8)

Welcome to the OpenIGC Bundle Accelerator for your "Publish" XML. This page is designed to help you build the xml structure needed to publish "new" instances of your OpenIGC Bundle Assets. This tool still requires that you have deep knowledge and awareness of your bundle! It helps you by providing a pull-down list for your class names, pre-generating the properties for each class, and auto-generates critical assetIDs. However, it does not validate your parent-child relationships or any datatypes that you have created for your attribute properties.


Choose an OpenIGC asset_type_descriptor.xml

...after choosing your asset_type_descriptor, optionally open a previously saved Bundle Publishing XML document...

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Acknowledgements: various open source javascript resources, with major kudos to Xonomy, an open source solution for building web pages for xml review and editing. After 3+ decades in this business, I appreciate software that is "purpose-built", for a well identified audience, and is clean and well documented in both the code and the actual written documentation. This is great software for anyone who knows xml and needs to expand the circle of those who can edit and create xml instance docs. And further, enable that person to deliver it on a web page without the complexity of skills or environment issues that are introduced when choosing java or some other vehicle. I highly recommend this tooling for any of your custom xml editing requirements! Details on Xonomy can be found at

DISCLAIMER: This page and its associated code is not warranted in any way nor guaranteed to work in all cases, all environments, all browsers or with all editions of OpenIGC/Information Server. It is intended solely as a helper/accelerator and illustration to assist with OpenIGC education and prototyping.

...and thanks to all of my IBM colleagues and OpenIGC customers who reviewed this solution along the way!


1. Click the initial "browse" button to select an OpenIGC Bundle definition [find and choose your asset_type_descriptor.xml]
2. Only after #1 (and optionally), if you used this utility earlier to save a publishing xml document for your bundle, click the second browse button to open a previously saved publish xml
2. Edit/Build your Publish XML

3. Click "Prepare for Copy/Paste" when you are ready to copy/paste into the igc-rest-explorer page.
4. Optionally click on "Save XML to Disk" if you want to write your edited xml to disk for later review.

Other Thoughts:

Choose xml or form mode editing if you prefer to see xml tags (or not).
This utility expects that your "first" asset will be the root of your OpenIGC hierarchy. It will NOT have a parent "reference" element.
When updating an existing asset:
  • If you find this useful, please let me know @ . If it proves useful for IGC development, I hope to add the ability to validate your properties and also to dynamically send your publishing xml directly to your own instance of IGC... Thanks again for trying this tool and good luck!
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